Patient Portal Instructions

Welcome to our new patient portal!

The patient portal is a place that connects you to your health records and to our office. The portal is available on a computer or a mobile device. The portal offers the following features:

  • View visit notes and growth charts
  • Request medication refills
  • Make appointments
  • Send a message to a triage nurse regarding follow up or medical questions

To access the portal, your account must be activated. Portal activation happens either at the time of an office visit or automatically for everyone in the upcoming weeks. Once activated, you will receive an email with log in instructions. Or you can follow these instructions to log in:

  1. Go to your office location website
  2. Click on “patient portal”
  3. Click on “view your health record”
  4. Toggle to “using mobile phone” and enter name and date of birth
  5. You will receive a text verification code and then logged in
  6. Set up a new password the first time
  7. On a mobile device, download the “Healow” app for even better on the go connection


  • In case you need it, the practice code if GGJECD
  • On some pages, you may see “coastal kids” as the name of the practice. This is the correct page and continue through the screens. “Coastal kids” is another pediatric office in California that is also part of our larger supporting organization. You will not be making an appointment in California despite the name.
  • Immunization records on your portal may not look complete. Don’t worry, our office has your complete vaccine records, and we are working on making portal more accurate. If you need a copy of your vaccine records and yours is not complete, please send a portal message requesting records.
  • To link accounts for siblings, you need to log in each child as above separately with their own login. Then using the mobile Healow app, follow these steps (you cannot do this from a desktop computer):
    1. Tap circle of initials in left upper corner
    2. Tap “manage account”
    3. scroll down and click “+” Add new account”
    4. select relationship “sibling”
    5. search by “practice code” and enter GGJECD
    6. click “coastal kids” with California address
    7. enter sibling’s username and password
    8. accept ownership
    9. your accounts are now linked and from the home page you can swipe between kids accounts!!
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