We want to update you on some changes we are making to help keep you and your family safe and healthy.

  1. Scottsdale Children’s Group now offers Telemedicine for certain types of appointments. Please call today to schedule.
  2. At this time, we would greatly appreciate it if only ONE healthy parent or caregiver attends the appointment with their child. While normally we would encourage both parents to come to the visit if they can, at this time, we want to minimize exposures.
  3. We have changed our schedules to separate our well visits from any sick contacts. Currently, well visits will be scheduled in the morning, or those visits that do not have respiratory symptoms, and sick visits in the afternoon. All exam rooms are sanitized after each patient visit and our health care team is extensively cleaning the waiting rooms and bathrooms.
  4. All toys have been removed from the waiting rooms and exam rooms. Feel free to bring some things to keep your child occupied.
  5. You do have the option of waiting in the car until you are called back to the exam room. Check in at the front desk and leave us the appropriate number to text you.
  6. We are now taking temperatures of our patients AND their caregivers for all appointments.
  7. Corona Virus Testing is now available from Banner Health in drive through locations. Please call the number below to see if you or your child, qualify for testing and if so, schedule an appointment. Please call Banner Health at 1-844-549-1851.

These measures are subject to change. We would continue to recommend that you access the sites below for additional information. Thanks so much for placing your trust in us. We will all fight this novel virus together.

Helpful Links & Resources:
CDC Coronavirus Symptom Self-Checker
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Maricopa County Health Department
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