Insurance Plans Not Accepted by Scottsdale Children's Group

Below is a list of insurance companies we do NOT accept at Scottsdale Children's Group. Please check with your insurance company's member services to verify that one of our physicians is contracted with your plan.

  • Any international plans
    • Care first
    • Phoenix Health Plan
    • Maricopa Health Plan
  • Health Net:
    • Community Care plan
    • Smart Care Network HMO plan
  • Humana:
    • Phoenix Hmox
  • BCBS Secure:
    • XBL
    • XBZ
  • Cigna:
    • AZ812 (group #)
    • Connect Network (HMO)
  • Cigna Southwest Service Administrators (PLAN C)
  • Meritus HMO:
    • Meritus Community Network of Maricopa, Phoenix or Pima
  • UHC:
    • Compass
  • Phoenix Choice:
    • HMO/HMO Abrazo
  • Health Choice Commercial Value Network or Essential Network

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