2 Year Anticipatory Guide

  • Your child needs to ride in a car seat until he/she weighs 40 pounds.
  • Continue to help your child brush his/her teeth with children's fluoride toothpaste, if your child's teeth appear healthy, their first dental visit should be around age three. That is usually when they can cooperate well during the visit. If their teeth do not appear healthy, go now.
  • Continue to supervise your child in the bathtub. Bubble baths may cause genital discomfort, especially in girls.

  • You may now give chewable vitamin supplements. Some brands recommend giving only of a chewable vitamin to 2 year olds. Be sure to read the directions.
  • Most children continue to be picky eaters. Be sure to offer well-balanced nutritional meals that include at least one food you know your child will eat.
  • Your child should not be using a pacifier or bottle anymore.
  • You should consistently encourage use of a fork, spoon and napkin during meals.

  • Children remain curious and unaware of danger at this age. Continue to watch them carefully in all situations, especially around swimming pools
  • Arizona Poison Control #: 602-253-3334

  • At this age, your child may begin to toilet train
  • Will start repeating words, phrases and actions they are exposed to. Limit the amount of violence and harsh language they see and hear.
  • They will play well along side of other children not necessarily with them. They are just beginning to understand the concept of sharing.
  • They continue to learn from reading and books.
  • They begin to learn counting, shapes and colors.

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